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Your Hosts

Ryan and Jessica Miller, your Innkeepers, got the “B&B bug” when they frequented B&Bs in Cape Cod (MA) and other areas in the US. They have lived in Santa Fe for many years and love the culture, people and landscape that this area has to offer. Both have extensive customer service experience in running other businesses in the area.

Both Ryan and Jessica own an IT company that provides support to local businesses and individuals. When they aren’t in the Inn or working on a computer, they like to hike with their dogs and enjoy the local area.

Ryan is continually crafting new dishes in the kitchen and you can find him outside working in the gardens, playing with his beehives or feeding the variety of fish in the pond. Ask him about some of the local trails and other off the beaten path things to do in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. When he is not at the Inn or fixing computers, he enjoys fly fishing and golf.

Jessica is always working hard at making the Inn a special place for our guests, decorating or finding the next best amenity and special excursion we can offer to guests. She is constantly updating our exclusive 200+ page room books full of local restaurants, breweries, tap rooms, wineries, day trips, hiking, events and shopping. When she is not in the Inn or helping IT customers, she is working on her next jewelry creation in her studio on the property.

Upon request, Gabriella, Oliver, Spartacus, Guapo, Sugar Magnolia, Ruby, and Ezzy, all your furry hosts, may stop up for that dog fix if you need one. They are a big part of the family and love people.

Fur baby bios

Gabriella the dog

Gabriella the heliophile

Gaby is a hound/lab mix and marches to the beat of her own drum and puts herself to bed by 7pm. This sun seeker loves her siestas, skinning tennis balls and exploring outside when she’s not unstuffing squeaky toys.

Oliver the dog

Oliver the heartbreaker

Ollie is a black lab mix and loves to hang out with people, give property tours and insists on being part of the action. He’s often found posing on any rock or bench and is usually attached to Jess’ hip.

Sparticus the dog

Spartacus the class clown

Sparti brings the party with tons of energy, he’s never met someone he didn’t like. This black springer spaniel loves to play during the day then cuddle up at night. He loves to play but can’t catch a ball to save his life.

Guapo the dog

Guapo the cover creeper

With big ears and an even bigger personality, Guapito, a guest favorite, is a miniature pinscher/chihuahua mix. He’s been known to crawl into any warm lap, loves his sweat suits, balls and snuggling under covers.

Sugar Magnolia the dog

Sugar Magnolia the Dead Head

Maggie is a true blue heeler and likes everything and everyone in order. Guapo’s main competitor in a game of ball, she loves stuffed dinosaurs, cuddling with her siblings and giving out kisses to her chosen people.

Ruby the dog

Ruby baby

Roo is a doxie mix and maybe our most cuddliest pup, diehard Steely Dan fan, Guapo’s BFF and is content as long as she’s on someone’s lap. She’s a digger and likes to bury Guapo & Maggie’s tennis balls in the yard.

Ezzy the dog

Ezmerelda The Rockette

Ezzy might not actually be a Rockette, but she does have legs for days. This Whippet mix loves mealtime, getting new toys, learning to play ball, but most of all being anywhere her humans are. Keep your drinks covered because she’d love to steal a sip or 2.

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